The Dataw Heritage Walk

In early 2009 the Dataw Historic Foundation began the development of the Dataw Heritage Walk as a living legacy to those who have made Dataw the very special place it is today.  All Dataw residents, present and past, and long time employees are eligible to purchase a Heritage Brick to be placed in the Dataw Heritage Walk.


The Heritage Walk is at the entrance to the Sams Plantation Ruins.  The bricks chosen are similar to the brick fragments from the ruins.  Tabby stepping blocks at each end of the walk provide a visual transition of the Heritage Walk to the Sams Plantation Tabby Ruins.



This project is a major fundraiser to enable continued preservation of the historic ruins site as well as to provide for a future History Interpretive Center or Museum for the history of Dataw Island.  It was planned to be a five to ten year project.  As of early 2011 about forty percent of the available spaces for engraved bricks have been filled.  Each brick is engraved with the names of the party and the year that they first placed their "footprint" on Dataw, either through purchase of property or employment.



If you are eligible and wish to donate for a Dataw Heritage Brick click here for a brick request form.