Island History

Visitors to the Dataw Island Welcome Center are introduced to Dataw's rich historical past, exciting present, and promising future by a prominent display in the entry lobby. This excellent exhibit recounts Dataw Island's fascinating history through pictures, words and actual artifacts excavated from archaeological “digs” conducted by Alcoa Inc. at the outset of their development of the Island in the early 1980's. This 20-foot historical display was created by The History Workshop and funded through a unique joint venture of the Dataw Island Club, the Dataw Island Owner's Association, and the Dataw Historic Foundation.   The History Display is segmented into five eras of History: Native American Era; The Proprietary Period; The Sams Family at Dataw; After the Civil War; and A New Era. The History of Dataw Island below is from the History Display and is presented in these segments. Click Each Panel to Enlarge