Did You Know?

is a series of fascinating facts and short stories about Dataw Island. Major sources for these stories are archeological, architectural, historical and other consultant studies prepared during the development of Dataw Island as a premier residential community. Other sources are stories researched and written by Dataw residents. The Dataw Historic Foundation publishes these stories frequently.


Issue 01 – Dataw changes hands… the early years
(Part 1)

Issue 02 – Dataw changes hands….the early years
(Part 2)

Issue 03 – There is only one left in South Carolina…and we have it!

Issue 04 – How ice came to Dataw?

Issue 05 – Berners Barnwell Sams had fifteen children!

Issue 06 – More B. B. Sams fifteen children.

Issue 07 – Dataw produces cash crops!

Issue 08 – An exotic export business on Dataw?

Issue 09 – King Datha…a giant among men?

Issue 10 – A child’s life…antebellum style.